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A Recovery Coach is a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovering community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.

This training will meet the criteria needed to satisfy the State-mandated requirements towards a Texas State certified Recovery Coach (RC) and qualifies you for certification as a peer recovery support specialist (PRSS) at www.tcbap.org. This training fits into the required educational domains for PRSS certification.

Recovery Coaches are professionals, non-professionals and individuals who assist individuals in their personal recovery by supporting and aiding these peers in their journey. This is a new position within the recovery community in the State of Texas and is rapidly gaining recognition as an essential cog to the recovery process. This skill set and certification can be used in Professional as well as non-professional settings. 15 candidates will be chosen from the field to attend this training.

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Located in the Texas Health Resources University (THRU) building.

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